Meet Pete

Pete Carey is a highly motivated Personal Fitness Trainer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a member of the International Dance and Exercise Association for more than 14 years and has worked in many of the premier fitness clubs in Tokyo.

Pete focuses on all around Fitness, Form and Function.

He is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and former Judo Champion of the United States Armed Forces Judo Team. He has been on numerous sports teams throughout his career and has specialized in triathlons, bodybuilding, power lifting, swimming, football, volleyball, tennis, softball, racquetball and squash to name a few.

Pete has previously managed positions in the Recreational field such as Facilities Management, Fitness Specialist, Athletic Director, Aquatic Director, and Recreational Director. He served as an Instructor with The American Red Cross for more than 18 years as a CPR, First Aide, Lifesaving AED and Swimming Instructor.

Pete believes there should be a balance in one's life to achieve optimum performance. This complete triangle of health and well-being should encompass the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of life.

Pete is certified by the U.S. National Federation of Professional Trainers.